Medicare Advantage Plans Are the BEST?

Jan 29, 2021

So let’s first talk about what is a Medicare advantage plan also known as part C of Medicare. Medicare advantage plans are another way to receive your Medicare health insurance, these plans are run by private health insurance carriers. Companies like BCBS or Humana and many others offer these plans as an alternative to straight Medicare parts A & B. These plans will  cover everything Medicare covers plus many times include prescription drug coverage also known as part D. All Medicare advantage plans have a contract with the federal government and are subsidized by Medicare taxes , this is why you will see many plans offered for $0 per month. If you watch Television at all I am sure you have seen some of the commercials with famous athletes promoting all of the fantastic benefits like, Dental Vision Hearing Transportation Gym Memberships Free Meals $144.00 part B giveback  Ect….. Who wouldn’t want all of these benefits right? However the bottom line is these television commercials are not run by agents or agencies most of the time but rather third party marketing firms who are looking to sell your phone calls to agents/agencies. So on the other end of the phone you have someone who has paid to speak with you and probably has sales quotas and no other agenda then enrolling you in a plan. With Medicare advantage plans the benefits vary greatly from area to are zip code to zip code. So the burning question is can you get these great benefits for $0 per month? The answer is yes if you are lucky enough to live in the very limited zip codes and states that offer these benefits or if you happen to be dual eligible for both Medicare & Medicaid. As a licensed agent in multiple states for many years I have seen these benefits offered, but in very few counties in only a couple of states, which they certainly do not say on the television commercials.
It’s the old bait and switch, the commercials are designed to generate excitement and a phone call giving a sales agent the opportunity to enroll a customer in a plan, with or without all the benefits you were hoping for. The bottom line Medicare advantage plans can be great and they serve a lot of people well across the country, but they do not all offer all of those amazing benefits. So buyer beware, Medicare has become big business and if you are turning 65 or are already on Medicare someone wants to sell you. If you would like FREE advice or help understanding Medicare options I would be honored to assist you in anyway your comfortable, call me at 631-358-5793  email medicare@  schedule a free consultation