3 Dangerous Prescription Drugs

May 10, 2021

Now and then, doctors harm through drug prescriptions, which can have dangerous results, be addictive or even deadly. While many individuals who die from these physician-prescribed drugs are endorsed, others die from utilizing medicines that have been recommended to others.

  1. Anabolic Steroids
    Anabolic-androgenic steroids are prescription medications, even though they are usually taken for non-clinical reasons, especially by males who need to build their bulk. Jocks and bodybuilders, who are prone to getting addicted to exercise, often utilize these medications.

    A few studies showed risks related to the consistent use of steroids. One study in 2015 showed that men testing positive for steroids are at risk for cardiovascular illness and twice as much as those with negative results. There is additionally a relationship between raised hostility and violence in steroid users. They also have higher instances of death from violent causes, including suicide and homicide.
  2. Stimulants for Attention Deficit Disorder
    Large numbers of the 4% to 9% of kids and 4% of grown-ups with attention deficit disorder consistently take stimulant meds, like Ritalin, without issues. Notwithstanding, there are two reasons why stimulants are on this list: first, doctors often prescribe them to kids, and second, people often use them as recreational drugs.

    U.S. poison centers in 2010 had 17,000 exposures to ADHD drugs, with 80% happening in kids under 19-years of age and 20% in grown-ups.
  3. Methadone
    Methadone is a known painkiller; albeit realistically speaking, physicians typically prescribe this drug to individuals as a heroin substitute or wean them off heroin. When treating for heroin addiction, professionals consider methadone as the lesser of two wrongs. Although it’s safer than heroin, people can still have an overdose of methadone.

    Similar to other opioids, methadone is most unsafe when joined with different medications. It happens most when consumers take various medication measures; taking less after and returning to a formerly safe dose is risky due to decreased tolerance. The same can be said for people taking the drug after a significant weight loss.

Despite having Medicare Part D Rx Plans with you, it’s best not to abuse your medications. You might become complacent having your insurance plan pay for your meds, but remember that it can also cost your health, and eventually, your life. Use your Medicare Part D Prescription Plan responsibly.

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