Some of the positive testimonials from our clients.

“I have had a great experience with this company. Applying for Medicare, pharmacy plans and Medicare supplement plans were all made very easy and went so smoothly working with this company. I now have the best plans for my needs. Paul is extremely knowledgeable and professional and answered my many questions and guided me through the entire process. He has helped everyone I have referred to him. I referred a family member who has very complicated medical needs regarding his medications and Paul researched the best pharmacy plan for him. My family member is so relieved now as Paul took on this complicated case. I really would not have known how to apply and obtain the best coverage for my needs if I did not work with Paul. He continues to stay in touch with me, as his client, to review my medical needs and make any changes if necessary. I highly recommend this company when applying for Medicare and all policies associated with Medicare, such as pharmacy plans and supplemental plans and any other insurance needs.”

– Nancy Pratt

“This the second time that I have dealt with Paul concerning my Part D coverage. I can not stress enough how helpful Paul has been addressing my issues. My last dealings with him were to address a significant dollar increase for some of the medications that have been prescribed. Paul was able to find another Part D company which had a lower monthly charge and the price I had to pay for my medications was reduced. I have referred Paul to anyone I know who is signing up with Medicare or has questions concerning their Medicare coverage.”

– Nancy Lemily

“Paul Barrett is not only a true professional and well informed about Medicare, supplemental policies and drug plans, but he’s also a nice guy and responsive timely. I met him at a seminar on Medicare 4 years ago and I’m glad I did. He saved me money…..helped me decide the best supplemental & drug plan for me too each year.”

– Janet Reilly

“Paul did do a great job helping me get over the hurdles of setting up Medicare coverage. In addition he helped me find the best-suited Part D coverage based on the medications that I use. Good guy, very responsive and helpful I recommend him without reservation”

– Edward Mullen

“Paul Barrett guided me through the daunting task of applying for Medicare including Supplemental insurance and I could not have done it without his help. The process is so confusing and there are so many different choices of supplemental insurance policies. He really helped me understand the difference between original Medicare and Medicare advantage and took a lot of time with me researching which would work best for my medical issues. Paul always returned emails and phone calls and made me feel very comfortable being able to reach out to him with questions. It was an absolute pleasure working with Paul and learning all about Medicare. Paul is very patient and knowledgeable. I would recommend his services to anyone.”

– Kathie Capobianco

“After researching various advantage insurance plans, I felt frustrated and stressed making this decision by myself. Mr. Barrett came to the rescue. In several days he found a plan that best suited my needs. Plus, I don’t pay a premium! He was readily available to address all my concerns. I am a very satisfied client.”

- Dale Anderson

“Paul is an awesome broker and spent a lot of time helping me understand what was the best plan to get. He even sent a package of brownies after our phone conversation..who does these kind of things anymore.. I highly recommend him!!”

- Doug Ross

“Paul Barrett was very helpful In providing relevant information, happy to walk through my own priorities, and arrive at a solution that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend his services!”

- Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed

“Paul is just the best to work with. He patiently guides you through the crazy maze of the medicare system. He encourages you to contact him with any questions or concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable, and provides all the information you need to make a good decision in choosing the plan that suits your needs. I could not have done it without his help! Thank you Paul!”

- Sandra Stabler

“I contacted Paul from a mailing that stated no high pressure sales .. called him and it was exactly that he spoke to me in plain English, not lawyer speak . Asked him a million and one questions.. and he took the time the answer and explain each one .. he said call me anytime .. and I have , he helped walk thru the maze of Medicare and all the different plans . He recommended one , and it fits me perfectly. Paul is a man of his word and really wants what is best for you.”

- Russell Mazza

“my wife and i recently were in the process of signing up for Medicare Part B and D. We were becoming confused about all of the options that were available to us due to the fact that each of us have different medical issues. Paul was recommended to us from a fellow worker of my wife’s. Paul was able to explain all of the options available each of us and made recommendations that addressed both of our specific needs. I personally was having a problem signing up with my Part D provider, after dealing with the providers call center nothing was being resolved. I contacted Paul and he was able to fix whatever issue was causing the problem. I would highly recommend Paul to address your Medicare needs.”

- Barry Lemily

“Paul Barrett in one word WONDERFUL!!
Paul Barrett was recommended to me by a very close friend who said by far Paul was the most thorough knowledgeable professional caring honest person that had ever helped him happily accomplish the annual tedious goal of securing the BEST health insurance to fit his own personal individual health needs.

He was right!!! Paul took the time to review my TOTAL HEALTH NEEDS AND PLAN CONCERNS… He reviewed my various doctors preferred treatment locations prescription needs annual health testing needs and then advised me in all areas giving me the ability to make a sound comfortable decision… He was 100% comfortable sharing both pros and cons allowing me to ask and and all questions…

This man is an expert in his field and most importantly caring for his clients… HE IS DEFINITELY THE GO TO GUY FOR HEALTH PLAN AND BENEFIT DECISION MAKING… I’m extremely happy our paths were allowed to cross!!”

- C Johnson

“Paul Barrett is a true professional. If you want someone to walk you through the maze that is Medicare supplemental insurance, Paul is the person you want to talk to. He is extremely knowledgeable about all of the available options. He takes the time to explain the benefits of each plan and is very patient when answering your questions. Paul doesn’t pressure you one way or another, but helps you determine the best plan for you. He is a pleasure to deal with. His advice has been invaluable for me and my wife. We recommend Paul highly.”

- Kevin Moran

“Very impressed with Medicare agent Paul Barrett. He was a wealth of information and was able to answer all of my questions. He was quick to respond to emails also and followed up on everything. Love it when client service people actually supply the service they are supposed to. Plus he saved me money on my medicare supplement. I had already signed up for one but he checked it out and found me the same one for less money with a different company. Saved enough per month that I could also get the coverage for dental, eyeglasses and hearing. Thank you Paul!”


“Paul Barrett is truly a caring person when it comes to health care. He listens to your needs and presents you the best plan options available. Paul has been taking care of my family’s health coverage needs for many years now and I trust him to give me the best advice available. His professionalism and honestly is truly refreshing.”

- John Pray

“Paul Barrett Insurance as an agency is an excellent provider of insurance services. They help figure out my medical and life insurance needs a the while making the process painless and easy to understand. Paul answered any and all questions in a way that alleviated all of my concerns. I would recommend Paul Barrett Insurance Services to all my family and friends!”

- Ivan Gonzalez

“Yes if you’re fortunate, some day you will need to transition to Medicare and let me tell you; it’s not so easy. There’s a plan for most letters in the alphabet and you need to know specifically what you want and what you can afford and unless you’re accustomed to reading and understanding tax forms and legal documents, you just may need help in navigating this new phase in your life. I selected Paul Barrett Insurance Services and am very satisfied. My consultant was Paul and he assisted me with this process in every way imaginable and I am very pleased with the result. I encourage you to contact Paul for your free consultation.”


“A few years ago when it was time for my husband to go on Medicare, I had no idea what to do. I didn’t understand Medicare of supplemental insurance. Paul Barrett guided us through it and the service team continues to support us. I have always said, “You never know how good (or bad) your insurance is until you need it!” With my husbands health issues and a recent cancer diagnosis, I don’t know what we would have done if Paul hadn’t guided us through this process. We are so thankful for our insurance, Paul and his staff! God Bless You!”


“Not being an expert in Medicare, I was referred to Paul by a good friend of mine. He took the time to explain my options and answer my questions. He was always available and very patient. I recommend highly.”

- Robert Prendimano

“Paul is a great guy , he is taking his time to expain to us old people in order to understand all these mambo jumbo, with medicare.He is returning your phone calls right of way.I looked and searched for 6 months until i found Paul and he made me understand , and explain all my stupid questions. Thanks Paul”

- Peter Soundias

“I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found Paul! He has done so much for me and has really made my insurance life better. My first experience with a Medicare agent was horrible this person clearly just wanted to make a commission, I have a …”

- joyce b

“I can’t believe there are 21 medicare advantage plans in my county along with several medicare supplement options and another 20 options for part D. After killing myself trying to research all the plans and there differences for a couple of …”

- alexander sam

“I do not usually write reviews, but in this case the service is so far over the top I felt compelled to do so. It is amazing that about 3 months before you turn 65 this barrage of …”


“Paul is smart and patient in the field of health insurance that is complex at best and totally mind boggling at worst. He explained it in simple language without dumbing it down. In an industry dominated by automated call centers and people …”

- vincenzo gentile

“Paul has been one of my mentors since I joined this industry a few years ago. No matter how busy he was he always had time to answer my newbie questions. As in that different type of insurance commercial where it states they’ve seen …”

- Robert Remin

“2 years ago, I made a huge blunder, I left my Medicare plan which had no copayment for a terrible plan which nearly made me baknkrupt. The new plan had exorbitant copayment and I was next to financially miserable for quite a while. I met …”

- sara wood

“I’ve known & worked with Paul Barrett for years & he’s the 1st person I’d go to if I had any Medicare coverage questions. I’m proud of him & what he’s accomplished. All the best.”

- Alfred D Jean-François

“Paul was a pleasure to work with. He worked with me to get my mom the best possible coverage she could have at the most affordable price. I look forward to working with paul again.”

- sonia genovino-bufano

“Paul works hard to find the best policy to suit your needs. I would highly recommend him to anybody over 65 who is looking for health insurance”

- Mark Goldstein

“Paul was extremely professional and very thorough. I was able to understand which policy made the most sense for my father financially. Thank you again Paul!”

- Jesse Michaels

“If you are a veteran like myself and need accurate info about Medicare, then Paul is the one for you. I wholeheartedly recommend his services, you’d be glad you met Paul!”

- Monica Garcia

“Paul is the best at what he does. He is honest, has a high degree of integrity, and understsnds the meaning of great service. Dont bother calling anyone else!”

- Kenneth Zwiebel

“Paul is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful in finding the right plans for me. I would recommend Paul without hesitation.”

- Spencer Kay

“Paul answered questions about prescription plates available in an easy to understand video recording”

- Robert Schooley

“Paul is a great agent and I recommend his service to anyone. Thanks Paul!”

- Daniel Farlow

“The service that we received has been nothing but completely perfect any questions any problems that we have had or any questions that we needed to ask was responded in a very quick manner and answered to complete satisfactory on on every question highly recommend his services”

- Joseph Romeo

“Paul is a true professional and will go out of his way to be of assistance.”

- Jane O'Malley

“Раul wаs а Gоd-sеnd. Не wоrkеd wіth mу sсhеdulе tо mаkе surе І nоt оnlу rесеіvеd whаt І nееdеd but thаt І tоtаllу undеrstооd. Wе wеnt оvеr thе quеstіоns І hаd рlus оthеr quеstіоns І dіdn’t knоw tо аsk. І fееl lіkе а hugе burdеn hаs bееn lіftеd. І аm sеt-uр thаnks tо Раul’s рrоfеssіоnаlіsm, ехреrtіsе аnd guіdаnсе.”

- Patrick Railey

“Clear and distinct information. No Maybes, or I have to check it out. I have no doubts about this company.”

- Benita Pearsall

“WOW..Paul is so attentive to details and ALWAYS quick to reply to my concerns. I would recommend him to everyone I know. I am trying. I really don’t post reviews, but he deserves anything i can do for him. Very Knowledgeable.”

- danae

“My Agent is Paul Barrett, I had a wonderful experience with him. He was professional, easy to talk to and very informative, as I knew nothing about getting medical insurance. Ive been telling family and friends about my experience and how satisfied I am. I also like the fact that he is available any time I might have questions. Thank you Paul”

- Paulete Amendolare

“Paul is extremely good at what he does-helping people with their health insurance needs. He helped me tremendously. I found a good Humana Medicare Advantage Plan. He even helped me cancel a future-dated policy when my plans to move permanently to Tucson, AZ fell through. He’s very helpful-takes the time to answer all your questions, returns calls promptly-a real professional.”

- Mary Unny

“Paul always responds quickly and is extremely knowledgeable. It’s a pleasure working with him. He takes the time to answer all our questions and offer several options for insurance coverage that will meet our needs. I highly recommend Paul Barrett Insurance Services!”

- Effie Gianniotis

“My experience with Paul (Barrett) has been excellent. He’s knowledgable about “all” health care plans being an independent agent. This is important to know that if he’s independent there is no money incentive of any one plan. The only thing left is he chooses what he honestly thinks is best for the client – you. You – for your needs and within your budget. It’s a great feeling to walk into the doctors office with one of the best plan cards. The respect you get is amazing. All you’re thinking is, “Thanks Paul”. Its no small thing to have a great agent/client working relationship. This is what you get with Paul Barrett. Easy to talk with. It’s one of those times upon meeting someone for the first time you feel as if you’ve been friends for a long time. The agent you choose is all important. I would highly recommend you to become part of the Paul Barrett family. He’ll make you feel like you’re a millionaire. ..and who doesn’t want that.”

- Steven Bonamo

“Very professional. Easy to talk to. Guided us w best choice for myself and husband. Highly recommend Paul”

- Ronna Pine

“Paul Barrett is such an amazing professional. He is straightforward and doesn’t hesitate to explains everything in detail. Paul always gets to the root of all clients’ medicare needs and only enrolls you in a plan that is perfect for you. He sincerely cares about his clients and keeps never stops seeking to better his already vast knowledge of new Medicare plans and supplements. When I think of Paul, I see an encyclopedia of medicare insurance. He is passionate about what he does and I wouldn’t recommend anyone but Paul Barrett.”

- Matt D

“Paul Barrett was very helpful, knowledgeable and attentive to our medical insurance needs. I highly recommend his professional services!”

- Igo K

“Paul went above and beyond to make sure that all my Medicare needs were met ! I highly recommend Paul .”

- terri ventura

“Paul Barrett is the best! He was very patient with me and believe me, I asked a million questions and repeated the same questions over and over. He never got tired and always provided prompt answers. With Paul’s top notch work ethics and an “over the moon” level of professionalism, I know I made the perfect decisions regarding my Medicare plan.

I simply cannot thank Paul Barrett enough. Highly recommended!!”

- Caroline Andrews

“My wife and I have been with Paul Barrett for quite a few years. The service has always been outstanding. The staff is knowledgeable about every facet of Medicare and Medicare Supplements. Paul is so sweet, helpful and efficient. When our current Supplement provider had a huge premium increase, Paul was able to find identical coverage with an equally strong company at a $1,402.80 annual savings.” EVANS SHAW”


“Excellent , personal service. Mr. Barrett came to my home so I could sign papers in time to be covered for upcoming cancer treatments. It would have cost me thousands more if I had stayed with the policy I had before. Would highly recommend him .”

- Nancy Fiano

“Paul came to our home and answered all our questions about the ins and outs of our Medicare plans. He is very knowledgeable and diligent, and thoroughly explored options to help us discover the best coverage for our needs, at the best premium. He’s easy to talk to, and his follow-up is superlative. We wholeheartedly recommend his services.”

- Maureen Moran

“When I was first looking into Medicare, I did a lot of research, but when I found your company and talked with Paul, my search was over. He had a lot of patience and explained to me so I could understand. The whole Medicare thing is very complicated, but she made it simple. Paul was also a lot of help answering my questions after I enrolled . I highly recommend your Paul Barrett Insurance Services to anyone searching for Medicare solutions. Thank you for your help. “

- Rose Andrew

“I went to Paul a couple of years ago to get help with Medicare supplements. He just needed a bit of information in order to set me up with the insurance supplement that fit my needs, at a cost I could afford. When my supplement pulled out …”

- Sara Smiles

“Paul Barrett is the person to contact for all of your insurance needs. For example, when I was approaching retirement, he contacted me through Medicare and made my selection of health insurance easy. Mr. Barrett has all the answers to …”

- Neil Black

“During the past month I have made several phone calls and researched over 30 hours pertaining to a Medicare Supplement Plans. I was ready to sign up directly with a well know insurance company. In blousing the Internet today, I came across …”

- Alan m

“Paul Barrett is a consummate professional, very knowledgeable and will help you find the health or insurance plan that fits your needs. Paul is great to work with–answers all my questions and on top of it a really nice guy!”

- Joy Poupko Insurance

“Paul Barrett has come to my rescue again and again. He helped me negotiate the Medicare maze, resolve primary care provider issues, help me understand which bills I should pay and which I should wait for Medicare to pay, help me know when a …”

- Tracy M.

“I have been a colleague of Paul’s for the last 10 years. The guy knows Medicare insurance inside and out . You will not find a more knowledgeable, polite or courteous agent. If I was not in the business and my mother needed help with her …”

- nolan popel

“Thank you very much for meeting with me and my dad last night to discuss Medicare coverage. You’ve been remarkably helpful to us in making decisions concerning Medicare, and we appreciate the work you have done to get the perfect plan for …”

- Jeffrey M.

 “Honestly, I was very reluctant to enter my phone number on the website because I was expecting a hard core and annoying salesperson to call me. I was so relieved when Paul called – I knew I had nothing to fear! From that very first phone …”

- Tunde Ogebule

“Mr. Paul Barrett is a life saver. Two year ago my insurance had ran out of benefits and of the gap part of the insurance and now everything’s was going to be out pocket. I contact him and he got me another insurance policy. And this year he …”

- Paul Barrett

“First let me start by saying Medicare is way too confusing! Nothing should be so difficult, Part A Part B Part C Part D? Than you have to figure out which one of the 20 plans offered in your county is the right one for you? Thank god I was …”

- Emily Marshal

“I got great help in a professional, timely and friendly manner. Paul returned my calls and emails, and helped me get set up with Medicare Supplement and Part D…smoothly. Highly recommended.”

- George Vincent

“I have been in customer service related industries for over 50 years. The expertise, kindness, and abilities to engage and understand – that Paul demonstrates are in the upper 5% of all my years of experience. He is tops!”


“Paul is a consumate professional, informed and caring. It has been a totally positive experience and nothing but a blessing in our lives.”

- Stuart Baylin

“Paul is great , professional and responsive . I highly recommend him hes is really easy to deal with”

- Alan Greenbaum

“I’m happy with the help I got from Paul Barret who helped me to choose my additional Heath Insurance that I need now that I am retired. Thanks Paul for your help I really appreciate it.”

- Vicente Espin

“I am also looking forward to the continued support from Boomer Benefits in the future. I hear that the Customer Service Department representatives are just as helpful!”

- Smith Cole

“We have always had a positive experience with Paul Barrett. He is courteous and knowledgeable.”

- Sandra Camiolo

“Paul, help my grandmother out. He was knowledgeable and delivered great customer service.”

- Dan M

“Helpful, responsive, caring – couldn’t ask for more in someone I trust with my well being and insurance!”

- Heather T

“Раul Ваrrеtt hаs bееn grасіоus, іnfоrmаtіvе, аnd sо gооd аt hеlріng mуsеlf аnd mу husbаnd wіth оur suррlеmеntаl bеnеfіts, іt wаs аlmоst tоо еаsу. Вut І knоw thаt іs thе rеаsоn wе usеd Раul, bесаusе оf hіs ехреrtіsе аnd knоwlеdgе оf thе bеnеfіts thаt suіtеd us реrfесtlу.”

- Julia Rogers

“І hаvе usеd Раul Ваrrеtt tо hеlр mе nаvіgаtе hеаlthсаrе іnsurаnсе орtіоns аnd fіgurе оut whісh wаs bеst fоr mу сіrсumstаnсеs. І fіrst usеd thеm а fеw уеаrs bасk, but nееdеd hеlр аgаіn thіs уеаr аnd rеmеmbеrеd аbоut whаt а grеаt sеrvісе Раul …”

- Isah Jamiu