Finding A Medicare Agent in New York

Dec 9, 2022

New York is a state of innovation and is well regarded when it comes to medical care. There are a plethora of choices, and it can be tough finding a Medicare agent near you who can give you the advice you need regarding not only reputable healthcare practitioners and hospitals, but also the Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans, which will offer you the most benefits. 

The Modern Medicare Agency aims to help their clients find the healthcare solutions which suit them the most by being geared towards building relationships with clients to best serve their needs when it comes to insurance. Agents should not be focused on scoring sales, but rather building relationships with clientele. Processes should not be automated in healthcare, and human interaction is a key part of any medical insurance plan. 

The wide variety of medical options in New York means there is no end to the possibilities for care in the state. The help the Modern Medicare Agency provides is not only helping clients choose appropriate plans, but also detailing some of the best hospitals the state has to offer. These hospitals have strong track records of being some of the best not only in the United States, but also in the world. 

These are some of the best hospitals in New York City: 

When you’re choosing which hospital to use, try to work with someone who knows the New York City Metropolitan, and the state at large, well enough to direct you to the right place. Hospitals have various specializations, and it’s always a good idea to look at those when picking one. These are some of the best ranked in the state, and the country, and we’ve detailed some of their focus areas. 

The NYU Langone Hospital

The NYU Langone Health hospital is situated on 550 First Avenue, New York City, and is ranked as the best hospital in the state and the third best in the country. It is nestled between the East River and Grand Central Terminal, providing good transport links and a central location. 

As of 2022, the hospital is nationally ranked number one for neurology and neurosurgery, third for diabetes and endocrinology, third for geriatrics, fourth for pulmonology and lung surgery, fifth for cardiology and heart surgery, and fifth for gastroenterology and G.I surgery; seventh for rheumatology; seventh for rehabilitation, and tenth for psychiatry to name a few. 

Needless to say, NYU Langone Hospital is a stellar institution with a reputation that is globally acclaimed. The hospital is closely situated to fantastic hotels such as the Freehand New York, the Hilton Garden Inn New York/Midtown Park Avenue, the Hyatt Grand Central New York, the Westin New York Grand Central, and the Westgate New York Grand Central. 

The Mount Sinai Hospital

Further up Manhattan Island sits The Mount Sinai Hospital. This hospital is ranked as the 16th best hospital in the country and the second best in New York. It is ranked first in geriatrics; sixth for cardiology and heart surgery, and eighth for orthopedics. Mount Sinai Hospital continues to be at the forefront for medical sciences and is well located next to Central Park. 

Hotels such as the Courtyard by Marriott, New York, Manhattan/Upper East Side, The Carlyle and The Mark Hotel are easily accessible from the hotel and provide a comforting setting from which to access The Mount Sinai Hospital.

The Lenox Hill Hospital

The Lenox Hill Hospital is a pioneer in medical research, being the first hospital in the country to install x-rays and establish a hemophilia center. It is close to other well-respected medical centers and hotels such as The Pierre (A Taj Hotel) and The Loews Regency New York. 

Lenox Hill Hospital represents the deep history New York has with medical firsts and continues to deliver world-class medical care to patients, especially in orthopedics.

Hospitals in New York State:

New York City is not the only place in New York City which can boast excellence, with many hospitals across the state providing excellent and specialized care.

The North Shore University Hospital is situated in Manhasset on Long Island and is itself part of New York’s largest healthcare provider, Northwell Health. It is close to hotels such as The Andrew Hotel, Travelodge by Wyndham Manhasset and the Inn At Great Neck. 

In the same Northwell Health group, the Long Island Jewish Medical Center is nearby and also provides excellent medical services. Long Island provides respite from the hustle of New York City, and similarly it can provide respite for our clients who choose to have their medical procedures done in this area. New York is not a state that is just good at medical care, but one which sets the global standards for it.

On the mainland Montefiore Medical Center, Northern Winchester Hospital and the White Plains Hospital are well regarded. White Plains Hospital in particular, is known for its cancer center. 

Further north in Upstate New York there are even more fantastic hospitals such as Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital and Saint Peters Hospital. New York provides medical care in every setting, whether urban or rural, seaside or inland; let us help you make sure that even the finest details are taken care of, because every consideration counts.

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Final Take

Needless to say, New York has a myriad of choices when it comes to medical care. Although this is a great advantage, it can be daunting for clients to select the plan which best suits their needs, which is why advisors at The Modern Medicare Agency are available at all times with Medicare, Medigap, and Medicare Advantage advice. 

Rooted in Melville, New York, the Modern Medicare Agency has a regional outlook and is geared towards making sure that clients access the best medical care in the most timely manner, cutting out any unnecessary stress. Brokers are well-equipped to handle a variety of issues and will be there when you need them with a focus on care and promoting thoughtfulness in clients and in the relationship with them.