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Medicare is a federal health insurance program available only to eligible citizens and legal residents of the United States and is run by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

The federal health insurance program known as Medicare covers:

  • Those 65 years of age or older
  • Young disabled youths
  • End-stage renal disease patients (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant, sometimes called ESRD)

Original Medicare comes in parts; these parts are identified by letters. Part A is original Medicare’s inpatient coverage, hospital stays, hospice, inpatient psychiatric & skilled nursing stays. Medicare Part B is the outpatient coverage of original Medicare and covers many services like, doctor visits,lab work, durable medical equipment, emergency room stays and much more.

Typically Medicare part A is FREE of charge and Medicare part B has a premium in 2023 of 164.90. Some high income earners will pay more for Medicare part B. If you want to know if you will have to pay more just click here.

Medicare Advantage Agent in Commack, NY

Get ready for an alternative way to make the most out of your Medicare benefits! Medicare Advantage Plans, or Part C, offer a fresh take on getting the healthcare you need. Forget the red tape – these plans are offered by private insurance carriers like United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, and Cigna. And don’t worry, they’ve got the official seal of approval from CMS (that’s the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services).

Here’s the deal: these plans cover everything that original Medicare does, and they might even do it better. It’s like having insurance that’s been with you your whole life. And hey, they come in a couple of flavors – you can choose between the PPO or HMO style of provider network.

But wait, there’s more! Most Medicare Advantage Plans also throw in Part D drug coverage as an extra perk. And if that’s not enough, they often sweeten the deal with goodies like dental, vision, hearing, and even fitness memberships. Talk about an incentive to hop on board!

Now here’s the catch. Comparing Medicare Advantage Plans can be a bit of a puzzle. Some plans might seem like a steal on paper, but they could leave you hanging with a lackluster provider network and subpar customer service. That’s where we come in to save the day. We offer free Medicare consultations in Commack NY to help you navigate this tricky terrain. Take your pick: phone consultation, Zoom call, office visit, or even an in-home visit. The choice is yours!

Understanding Medicare Plans in Commack, NY

Introducing Paul Barrett, the Medicare Maestro of Commack! As part of The Modern Medicare Agency, Paul will demystify Medigap, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D like nobody else. You’ll get the best advice and service, guaranteed!

With over 3.7 million Medicare Beneficiaries in New York (that’s almost 20% of the population!), it’s clear that Medicare matters. And guess what? 12.6% of them are even under 65. In Huntington and its suburbs, we’re right on par with the rest of the country.

As a proud local myself, I’m here to help my neighbors conquer Medicare confusion. I’m even available for in-home visits because I believe personalized care is key. Let’s chat about your Medicare options, right at your doorstep. Commack has many plan choices with 19 Medicare part D drug plans to choose from, 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans and 23 different Medicare advantage plans. Let our team help you learn about Medicare and your options.

Medicare Supplement Agent in Commack, NY

Looking for extra coverage? Look no further than Medigap plans! These plans are like supplements for Medicare, covering the costs that Original Medicare doesn’t. And in Commack, NY, we’ve got 10 options for you to choose from.

Here’s the thing about Medigap plans in NY: we’ve got some special guidelines. We’re a guaranteed issue state, meaning you’ll never be turned down for any medical reasons. However, our plans might be a bit pricier than in other states. But hey, you can’t put a price on peace of mind, right?

Speaking of prices, in Commack, NY, our Medicare supplement plans are community rated. That means no matter your age or health, you’ll pay the same rate as everyone else in your group of zip codes. Fair and square!

Although there are 10 standardized supplements to choose from, most consumers in Commack enroll in either Plan N or Plan G. Plan G is considered the top tier Medicare supplement plan and you do not have to pay for much with Plan G other than your monthly premium & part B deductible. After you meet your Part B deductible all original Medicare covered services will cost you $0 for the rest of the calendar year. Plan N is a step down premium and coverage for those who don’t mind paying a small copay. Both plans are excellent coverage, if you want to learn more details regarding Medicare supplement plans in Commack NY we are happy to schedule some time to answer all your questions.

Medicare Part D Agent in Commack, NY

Need your pharmacy drugs while on Medicare? Look no further than Medicare Part D, your ticket to affordable coverage. Whether you’re inCommack or anywhere else in New York, Part D plans have got you covered. And the best part? You’ve got options! Choose between a standalone Part D plan or bundle it with a Medicare Advantage Plan. These plans are offered by private insurance companies that have a contract with Medicare, so you know they mean business. Plus, they’ve got to follow Medicare’s guidelines, which means you’ll have access to a standard list of drugs that includes at least two options in each therapeutic class. But hey, we get it – Part D can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re a heavy drug user. That’s why our agents are here to help. They specialize in Part D plan comparisons and can make your research a breeze. So why wait? Let us take the complexity out of Part D and get you on the path to affordable and hassle-free drug coverage today.

Benefits of Using A Medicare Agent in Commack, NY

Looking for Medicare help? Look no further! Our team of witty agents at the Modern Medicare Agency are here to simplify the confusing maze of Medicare. With agents all over NY, we’ve got you covered.

Join Paul and his friendly crew for a free consultation where we’ll break down the basics and discuss plan options. We’ve assisted countless Medicare beneficiaries in weighing the pros and cons of both Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements.

Don’t worry about biased advice – as independent agents, we work with all the major carriers like Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and more! Plus, we’re available year-round for customer service because Medicare is our jam. And did we mention our help is always FREE? It’s a win-win!

Common Medicare Questions in Commack, NY

Which is better: Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage?
Great question, both plans have pros and cons. Many people will certainly argue one plan is better than the other, but what it comes down to is there is no one best plan. Enrollments nationwide are pretty equal for Medicare Advantage plans vs Medicare supplement plans. I feel that both coverage options are good and depending on your needs and budget one plan may serve you better than the other.
How come my sister has Humana and she gets lower copays?
There can be two reasons for this, one is your sister lives in another service area where different plans are offered. Or your sister may qualify for a dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid plan.
Are there really Medicare Advantage plans that are $0 per month?
Yes, absolutely. These plans may be free of charge to you but they are compensated very well for taking care of your Medical services. There are several $0 premium plans offered in Commack.
Does Medicare cover Shingles Vaccines?
Yes, as of this year Medicare now covers the Shingles vaccine in full.