Take Advantage Of Your Medicare Advantage

Oct 25, 2021

In its primary sense, Medicare Advantage (Part C) is the private health insurance alternative. You may have from the federally administered Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). But you must have the Original Medicare first to buy Part C, as a rule.

Medicare Advantage has everything that the Original Medicare has to offer and more. It includes dental and vision care coverage. Some plans may even cover extra benefits like wheelchair ramps, shower grip, and even transportation to and from the medical institution. Prescription drug coverage is also available in some plans.

Is Medicare Advantage Part C Expensive?
Well, in some sense, yes. Because you are paying for extra benefits that are not readily available in the Original Medicare. But, it is an excellent investment, especially if you can take advantage of the additional perks.

Upon enrolling for Part C, you may be required to pay for the following expenses:

  1. Premiums for the Original Medicare
  2. Medicare Advantage Plans Premium
  3. Copayments, coinsurance, and other deductibles

Some Part C plans feature Zero-Dollar premiums, but those are not available in all locations.

Do You Need Medicare Part C?
If you have maintenance medicine or prescription drugs that could be costly, this plan may cover it for you. If you have dental issues that need to be addressed regularly, this plan will also protect them for you. Lastly, if you need routine vision care, Medicare Part C can also take care of it for you.

Medicare Advantage plans include annual out-of-pocket spending limits. Which are not offered in the Original Medicare. It could help you save money when out-of-pocket Medicare costs get too much.

So, What’s the Catch?
Medicare Advantage Part C is not without its disadvantages. For starters, if you select an HMO plan, you may have a fewer selection of providers to choose from. If you already have a preferred physician or hospital, there could be a chance that Part C won’t cover them.

Additionally, this plan does not cover services outside your service area. Meaning it won’t help you that much if you travel a lot.

Of course, you may shell out a bit more money for things like drug deductible and specialist visit copays. 

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