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Medicare is the government’s way of providing health insurance to seniors and certain disabled individuals. The Medicare program is run by CMS which stands for the centers for Medicaid & Medicare services. Original Medicare consists of two parts: Hospital Part A and Medical Part B.

Medicare Part A is usually free for most people on Medicare as long as either you worked 10 years or are the spouse of someone who has put in 10 years of work and paying taxes.

Part A Covers

  • Inpatient Hospital stays
  • Hospice Stays
  • Some in home health care (not to be confused with long term care)
  • In patient psychiatric care

Medicare Part B unlike Part A is not free and has a base premium of 164.90 in 2023 but could be higher depending on your income.

Part B Covers

  • Doctors visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Lab work
  • X Rays, cat scans, MRI’s ect
  • Emergency room visits
  • Durable Medical equipment
  • Vaccines
  • Preventative Visits
  • Basically all things outpatient

Medicare Advantage Agent In Hicksville N.Y

Medicare Advantage Plans are another way you can choose to have your Medicare insurance benefits provided to you. Medicare Advantage Plans are offered through private insurance companies like Aetna, Cigna, Humana, United Healthcare and others who have a contract with CMS to provide your insurance benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans also known as Part C generally offer traditional health insurance coverage. They will cover hospital, medical and most of the time provide Part D coverage for prescription coverage. Part D is an opt in program and original Medicare does not provide pharmacy coverage. Medicare Advantage plans many times will offer additional benefits as well such as dental, vision, hearing ect. Hicksville residents typically have over 30 different plans to choose from, which can make comparing plans a little overwhelming to most.

Understanding Medicare Plans in Hicksville, N.Y

With so many Medicare options the Modern Medicare Agency has a team of local agents who have been specializing in Medicare insurance options in Hicksville for many years now. We help the residents of Hicksville first enroll in original Medicare and then fully educate them on all parts of Medicare Parts A,B,C & D  . Our Agency believes in educating consumers so they can feel confident in choosing the right plan. So if you have questions about Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Insurance or Part D drug coverage we can help.

Medigap/ Medicare Supplement Agent in Hicksville, NY

Medicare supplement Plans also known as Medigap Plans are a type of private insurance that works with original Medicare. Unlike Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare supplement plans simply help pick up Medicare deductibles and coinsurance. So if Medicare  origins Medicare does not cover it neither will your Medicare Supplement Plan. So no Part D coverage or dental, vision, or hearing included. Medicare Supplements  instead have no networks or referrals to worry about. So you can literally see any doctor who accepts Medicare and never needs a referral to see a specialist. Medicare Supplement Plans provide cost predictability and piece of mind for many Medicare consumers.

Medicare Part D Agent In Hicksville

Medicare Part D is how we get our prescriptions when covered by Medicare. Just like Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D is provided by private insurance companies like Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Humana and many more. Part D plans are contacted statewide so you won’t have different options from one county to another. Most states are offering 20 or more options and each plan has a different drug formulary. So it is very important to do your homework and make sure your drugs are covered. While most Part D plans will look similar when you take a closer look you will realize they are very different. Plans must cover at least two drugs in every therapeutic class. Part D plans have a few things you should pay attention to besides the obvious premium and deductibles. They have rules like step therapy, quantity limits which could play an important role in your plan  choice.

Benefits of Using A Medicare Agent In Hicksville

Let’s face as we get older there is a much more likely chance that we will need our health insurance. With Medicare having so many options in Hicksville 10 standardized Medicare Supplement Plans, 36 Medicare Advantage Plans and 19 Part D drug Plans it can be beyond overwhelming and choosing the wrong coverage can be quite costly. Working with an agent can save you time & money. When you work with the Modern Medicare Agency you have not only someone to help you learn about Medicare and its options but more importantly to provide you year round customer service to make sure you have the best Medicare experience. Our team of independent agents work with the majority of insurance carriers offered in Hicksville and will also stove to give you both accurate and unbiased advice that you can count on.