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Medicare is our nation’s senior health insurance coverage. Run by CMS the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. President Lyndon Johnson signed a bill back in 1965 to get this program started. With that original Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) & Part B (medical insurance) were born. This program was originally for people turning 65 or older, but it evolved to also include covering the disabled and people with certain illnesses such as ESRD and Lou Gerhigs disease.

Who Benefits From Medicare in Lindenhurst, NY

In general, Medicare was developed for people turning 65 or older, retiring and needing health insurance. Throughout the years, Medicare has evolved and also includes people with disabilities and certain diseases such as ALS or ESRD.

Medicare Lindenhurst, NY

Medicare is broken down into parts. Original Medicare consists of hospital coverage, also known as Part A and medical coverage, also known as Part B. Medicare also has Part D which is the opt-in version of Medicare’s prescription drug coverage. Medicare Part C also known as Medicare Advantage plan, which basically combines all parts of Medicare together like a traditional insurance plan. Medicare has very specific enrollment periods and penalizes people who miss these enrollment deadlines, so it is important to understand when you need to apply. Medicare Parts A & B both have deductibles to be met before coverage begins, and Part B has coinsurance as well. Medicare Part B coverage is typically up to 80% leaving you with 20% of the bill. Our Medicare agents will help you have a full understanding of Medicare, what it covers, and what you should be prepared for once you enroll.

Understanding Medicare Plans in Lindenhurst, NY

Many people try and go straight to the Medicare and you guide or some online website to choose a plan before first understanding what options you have and exactly how they work. We firmly believe in educating consumers before discussing plan options; It is truly hard to make a good decision without having all the facts. Medicare is not a one-size-fits-all insurance and there is a reason there are so many options. We are all different, and have different medical needs and life styles and of course budgets. We will help you get to know all the key differences between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplemental Plans. Once you decide which type of plan fits you, we can assist you in comparing plan options and rates.

Medicare Advantage Agents in Lindenhurst, NY

Medicare Advantage plans are growing in popularity and there are many options to choose from. Typically you will find two types of Medicare Advantage networks in Lindenhurst, with HMO or PPO. HMO plans are health maintenance organizations which provide Part A&B coverage and most of the time Part D as well. HMO plans have a set network of providers and unless it’s an urgent or emergency situation, you must stay in their network to get coverage. PPO plans stand for preferred provider networks, which means they have providers they prefer. You see, and you often pay less when you do, but you can see out-of network providers as well. This will most likely be at a higher out-of pocket cost to you. There are many plans to choose from. Many plans will look similar on paper but have very different provider networks and drug formularies. Our team will help you compare the plans that cover your doctors and prescriptions along with any extras you are looking for.

Medicare Supplement Agents in Lindenhurst, NY

If you’re looking to compare Medicare supplement plans in Lindenhurst, we can help you narrow your search quickly to the plans with the lower premiums and strong rate stability. You will see a full chart of 10 standardized Medicare supplement plans (AKA Medigap Plans) There are two plans that are more popular than the rest. Plan G and Plan N. These two plans are chosen the vast majority of the time and both provide excellent coverage. We will explain the coverage and cost difference to you and help you to choose a plan that you feel comfortable with.

Medicare Part D Agents in Lindenhurst, NY

Currently there are 19 stand alone drug plans to choose from, and if you take more than just a couple of generic prescriptions, you will want to make sure you do your homework to make sure the plan you pick fits your needs. Our agents can help you compare each plan to make sure all of your drugs are covered with the most affordable copays and premiums. Medicare Part D plans change their plans quite frequently, and the more you use your plan, the more important it is to check it annually to make sure it’s still the right plan for you. Our staff does free consultations when they first meet with you and annually during the Annual Election period to help make sure you are always on the right Part D plan.

Benefits of Working With A Medicare Agent in Lindenhurst, NY

There are many benefits of working with one of our agents; first off we specialize in Medicare health insurance. We are a team of independent agents who represent all the carriers here in NY that allow us to contract with them. So we can speak to you unbiasedly about Aetna, Cigna, BCBS, United Healthcare, Emblem Health, Oscar, Health First, Mutual of Omaha, Humana and more. We have one simple goal and that is to help you understand and choose a Medicare plan that provides you both comprehensive and affordable coverage. We don’t charge any fees for any of our help and we offer year-round customer service in case you have any issues or life changes.