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Medicare is our nation’s senior health insurance coverage. Run by CMS the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. President Lyndon Johnson signed a bill back in 1965 to get this program started. With that original Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) & Part B (medical insurance) were born. This program was originally for people turning 65 or older, but it evolved to also include covering the disabled and people with certain illnesses such as ESRD and Lou Gerhigs disease.

Medicare Syosset, NY

Who can enroll in Medicare in Syosset? People turning 65, those having disabilities declared eligible by the social security department, and people with certain diseases such as Lou Gerhig’s or ESRD. If you are turning 65 or retiring and will not have health insurance through a group retirement plan, you will want to learn about Medicare in Syosset.

Understanding Medicare in Syosset, NY

Helping Medicare-eligible consumers is what we specialize in. For most people, Medicare can be very confusing and that is why our agents believe strongly in educating consumers on Medicare basics before discussing any coverage options. If you have questions about Medicare, our agency hosts many in person Medicare workshops as well as online webinars to help get you started. If you can’t attend one, don’t worry; our agents conduct educational appointments in person at our office, or in your home. If that doesn’t work we can do a Zoom meeting or a phone consultation to fit your needs and schedule.

Medicare Advantage Agent in Syosset, NY

Having a good Medicare Advantage agent can be very helpful whether you’re just getting started or have been on Medicare for a while. Working with a local Medicare agent can help you get the important insight and details regarding Medicare Advantage plans in Syosset that you can’t simply get from your Medicare & You Guide. Our agents will help you shop and compare options that work with your doctors and cover all your prescriptions. They can also let you know which plans have many of the extra benefits like dent, vision, hearing ect.

Medicare Supplement Agent in Syosset, NY

Our friendly and professional staff of agents will explain all of the ins and outs of each Medicare supplement plan. Once you understand how the plans work, they will advise you on companies with the lowest rates and superior customer service.

Medicare Part D Agent in Syosset, NY

As we get older prescription drug coverage becomes more and more important. Our team of agents will help you look up all of your current prescriptions and tell you which part D plan will provide the lowest out-of pocket cost to you. Currently there are 19 plans offering stand alone drug plans in Syosset and each one looks similar but has many differences which are important to be Aware of when choosing. Our agents will help you understand your company’s policies for Things like quantity limits and prior authorizations that may be needed to obtain certain prescriptions.

Benefits of using a Medicare Agent in Syosset, NY

Working with any of our agents will make your Medicare life much simpler. Our team will make sure you understand all the parts of Medicare so you can feel comfortable choosing the right plan for you. We will help you complete the application dn follow up with it to make sure it is processed in a timely manner. If you run into any issues or need changes during the year, our agents are available all year round to assist you accordingly, and all of our services are free.