Take Advantage Of Medicare Advantage Part C Plans

Jul 12, 2021

Medicare Part C, also referred to as “Medicare Advantage,” is the alternative plan for Medical Care Parts A and B. Plans should have similar coverage as the original Medical Care Plans that can include other benefits like hearing ailment, dental, or vision. Another vital factor to consider is that getting this medical advantage Part C provides coverage for prescription drugs.

Why Seniors Should Get a Medicare Advantage 
Getting older is a natural occurrence in life, but that does not necessarily mean that age determines health. However, it is always essential to be prepared when it comes to health problems. 

  • Seniors, age 65 and up, should take advantage of getting a Medicare Part C because it can cover other medical expenses that the original Medical Care does not cover.
  • Another reason to get a Medicare Advantage plan is to provide a ceiling cap for paying once the maximum out-of-pocket expenses have been spent. Potential costs in an Original Medical Care Plan are limitless. 
  • Medical expenses will be less costly and manageable for seniors. Medical care needs will be more accessible because they will be coordinated through the network of an insurance agency.
  • It covers eyesight, hearing, and dental services, which are some of the areas that are prone to problems as one gets older.  

Kinds of Medicare Advantage Part C Plans
Knowing the different types of plans under the Medicare Advantage is essential to see which best fits the potential insured. Below are some of the plans:

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization Plan)
Insured people can see which doctors and other health professionals are present in the insurance agency’s network. 

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization plan)
Flexibility is given to the insured to choose which doctor accepts the Medicare task. In this plan, the doctors that are inside or outside the network of the insurance provider can be viewed.

PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service Plan) 
The plan is determined according to how much is needed to pay the providers and the medical care given to the insured. The doctor must accept the payment terms and agree to the treatment assignment. If the doctor refused, the plan would not cover the services.

SNP (Special Needs Plan)
This is only for people that have special needs. It covers the beneficiaries of those living in an institution, those with both Medicaid and Medicare, and those with chronic conditions like HIV/AIDS, diabetes, etc. Prescription of drug coverage is always included in this plan.

MSA (Medical Savings Account Plan)
This type of plan helps pay deductibles. It provides a high deductible and a bank account, but the amount deposited into the account depends on the insured’s current plan.

HMO-POS (Health Maintenance Organization – Point of Service Plan)
In-and-out of network health professionals and services are covered but at different rates.

Since most medical care advantages plans cater to 65 and older, those within that age group should get themselves a Medicare Part C to cover medical costs that their original medical care cannot cover.

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